New date: Showcase Tickets Available February 8, 2012

NEW DATE: February 8, 2012 @ the RiverPark Center Box Office ONLY!
After answering over 25 calls from Musick Studios families when they opened the Box office on February 1, the RiverPark Center notified LeAnne that they do not have their new ticketing system fully functional! When pressed, RPC Box Office said they would be ready on February 8th. Musick Studios is sorry for this inconvenience, but for the first time, ticket sales are completely out of our control. Thank you for your patience….and your excitement about the SHOWCASE!

ALL tickets sales will be handled by the RiverPark Center Box Office due to a change in their vending system. ALL Tickets for the May 20th, 2pm and 7pm performances of Showcase will be RESERVED seating with some new price points. Each family is still responsible for purchasing 10 tickets as contracted.

This is how it will work so that you get credited:
When you and/or family & friends call the Box Office and reserves their tickets, they must leave their name under the dancer’s FULL name!

Example: LeAnne’s dancer is “Jada Prater”… LeAnne calls the Box Office needing two tickets…(She want her tickets to be credited under Jada’s name.).. So she would say: “I am ordering 2 tickets for LeAnne Musick under Jada Prater.” If Jada’s grandmother calls and needs 6 tickets, she would say: “I need 6 tickets under Jada Prater’s name for Susan Harris.”

The Riverpark will send LeAnne an updated list every Friday until the show, giving her the names of how many tickets are sold, the dancer who gets the credit, and the name of the purchaser. (We are currently working out the details of how it may function for online ticket purchases.)

New Date: February 8, 2012 tickets go on sale through the RiverPark Center Box Office, phone: 270-687-2770; Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm; on-line 24/7:

Cannon Hall Seating Chart:

Seat location & pricing:

VIP Orchestra, Front & Center, Rows A-G : $27.50

Orchestra Center Rows H-Q and Orchestra Left & Right Rows B-Q : $22.50

Mezzanine Rows AA-KK: $16.50

Wheel Chair/Accessible Row T: $16.50

Grand Tier and Upper Tier (will open only after all Orchestra & Mezzanine seats are sold out): $16.50

Any child over 2 must have a ticket, children under 2 must be held, i.e., share a seat with an adult ticket-holder.

Showcase Tickets would make a great St. Valentine’s Day gift!

We are sending you this information as soon as we were informed by the RiverPark Center of their ticketing changes. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
Thank you for your patience as we roll with the inevitable curve balls that get thrown during planning such a big show!
We will be emailing any further updates as soon as we know!!
— LeAnne Musick (2.6.2012)

♩♪♫♬ Musick Studio Notes ♩♪♫♬ January 2012

♩♪♫♬ Musick Studio Notes ♩♪♫♬

January 2012
We hope you had a great Holiday break!  Now it is time for classes to resume on Wednesday, January 4.  When dancers return to Musick Studios, they will come at the same time with the same dancers as last semester! Unlike other dance studios, we do not enroll new students for the spring semester.   It is our intention to develop the potential of each of our dancers with correct form and style.  In future years, we may offer beginning classes for Spring semester.  At this time, we wish to focus our time and talent upon the elite group of student dancers already enrolled in Musick Studios!

Important Announcements:

  • We recognize that this is short notice, but an important Mandatory Parent/Guardian Meeting is called for January 14th, 10am-noon, in the upstairs studio.   Attendees will have a chance to win the following door prizes:  1 free month for 1 dancer; Showcase DVD & T-Shirt package; 2 free General Admission Showcase tickets; 2 free Reserved Showcase tickets.*
  • Inclement weather policy:  Musick Studios may be open, even though schools are closed.  We follow the Owensboro Public Schools calendar.  If Owensboro Public Schools are closed due to weather, please call Musick Studios after 2pm on that day to check whether or not afternoon/evening lessons will be held.
  • Free offer from Orange Leaf-Owensboro for reading this newsletter all the way to the end! (hint, hint)
  • Your business can be featured in a Musick Studios monthly newsletter or have a month on our website by sponsoring either for $20/1 month.  We had 6000 hits on our website from September-December 2011 and over 200 readers of monthly newsletter.
  • Update Email addresses at the front desk.  We are going paperless for newsletters & updates beginning in February.  Only families without internet access will be provided with a printed newsletter & updates.
  • Outstanding balances on bills due to Musick Studios must be paid by February 1.**
Dates to remember.  Mark your 2012 calendar!

January 4:  Studio reopens for lessons; same schedule as last semester.   Reminders: Front parking places are to remain open for drop-offs/pick-up only, park in lot if you are coming into the Studio.  Dancers must be on-time and dressed in specified practice-wear before class begins.  All clothes, bags, jackets, shoes need to be labeled with last name & phone number; the Studio is not responsible for lost items, unclaimed items will be donated.

January  10:  Monthly fees are due.

January  14:  Mandatory Parent/Guardian Meeting, 10am-noon, upstairs dance studio.*

January  17:  Open for lessons on M.L.K.,Jr. holiday.

February  1:  All outstanding balances owed to Musick Studios must be paid or your child(ren) will not be participating in the Showcase. In the contract signed at registration, the parent/guardian promised to be responsible for bills. $100. fee will be applied for ‘Breach of Contract’ if bill goes unpaid past this date.**

February 10: February fees are due.

February 13: Fundraiser at Beef O’Brady from 4pm-8pm.  Musick Studios will receive 10% of meal receipts!

February 20: Open for lessons on Presidents’ Day holiday.

February 28: Sales for April 14 BBQ Chickens begins.  Each family is responsible for buying/selling a minimum of 5 chickens @ $8.00each.

March 2-3   : Teen Club 411 opens to the public for 17 & under only (7th-12th grade students).  8pm-midnight.  Cover charge:  $10.00. Professional Security & DJ hired for weekends in March.  If this is successful, Club 411 will continue after Spring Break.

March 8:  March fees are due.

March 9-10 :  Teen Club 411.  8pm-11pm. $10/person

March 16-17: Teen Club 411. 8pm-11pm. $10/person

March 23-24: Teen Club 411. 8pm-11pm. $10/person

March 29:  Last day to order 2012 Showcase T-shirts & T-shirt/DVD Combo package.

March 30-April 8:  Studio closed for Spring Break, including Club 411.

March 31-April 1:  All-Stars compete in Indianapolis.

April 9:  Studio reopens.

April 10:  April fees are due.

April 14:  BBQ Chicken cooking & pick-up.  Pick-up between 11am-1pm.  Volunteers needed for cooking & boxing on this day!  (Heads-up: 130 adult volunteers will be needed between now & conclusion of Showcase!)

April 20-22:  Photos for each Showcase dance group & individual dancers in costume by Captured Moments.

April 28:  Mandatory rehearsal for all Showcase dancers, 9am-noon, at Musick Studios.

May 5: Mandatory rehearsal for all Showcase dancers, 9am-noon, at Musick Studios.

May 12: Mandatory rehearsal for all Showcase dancers, 9am-noon, at Musick Studios.

May 14, 15, 16: Mandatory rehearsal for all Showcase dancers, 5pm-8pm, at Musick Studios.

May 18: Mandatory rehearsal for all Showcase dancers, 5pm-8pm, at the RiverPark Center.

May 19: Mandatory DRESS rehearsal for all Showcase dancers, 9am-2:30pm, at the RiverPark Center. Lunch may be pre-paid & ordered OR provided by parent.

May 20:  2012 Showcase performances at 2pm & 7pm, RiverPark Center!

June 1:  $35. preregistration fee is due for each dancer returning for 2012-2013 season!  This will hold a spot for 2012-2013 lessons, first choice of class schedule and a “returning member only” registration time in August.

Please note that these dates may be subject to change.  Additional information on events and important dates will be added in future newsletters & updates.  PLEASE keep your email address current!