Classes Offered:


Pre-Hip-Hop (4-6/7 yrs old) – Great way to introduce dancers into moving their upper and lower body. Learning basic dance terminology, Understanding a classroom setting with expectations. Social interacting with other peers

Youth Hip-Hop & Adult Hip-Hop.

Boys Street Dance ~ a combination of Street/hip-hop & body popping, Street Dance takes any form of popular music – from club to hip hop – and choreography to the beats.

Step Dance ~ “Stepping” is a form of percussive dance in which the participant’s entire body is used as an instrument to produce complex rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken word, and hand claps.


Creative Movement Class (2-3 years old) ($35.00/month, no contract cancellation fee; August-December) – This class is designed for kids who are just now learning a classroom setting, social skills learned and working together. We use props, scarfs, ribbons, and music to help teach and entertain the students.

Pre-Ballet (4-6/7 years old) – Learn the basic fundamentals of Ballet, positions, Terminology of Ballet. Across the floor exercises for considered level dancers

Ballet 1-4 (placed by ability & experience) – Each level intensifies by the dancer’s ability.

Pre-Pointe ClassThis is a 30 minute class to prepare your dancer for Pointe Class. Pointe shoes will be needed once our instructor gives the permission! Safety First

Pointe Ballet intensive for students in Ballet 3-4 who are physically ready for work en pointe. Usually no earlier than age 12-13, due to potential for damage to bone development if begun too early. 


Jazz/Lyrical  description & history of Lyrical: Lyrical is a style of dance that is based on technique and emotional maturity. We also train in Jazz terminology and fundamentals to help give a well-rounded conditioning of “our” style .

Technique Classes:

Technique  (Available for Hip-Hop & Ballet): Defining your skills in Leaps, Jumps, Turns. Great Dance team conditioning class and to help your dancer get better within their craft

AcroDance has been transitioning to an acro style. In this class you will learn “tricks of the trade” in that particular style. For example: Gymnastics ( Cartwheel, Back handspring) Hip Hop ( one handed stalls, baby freeze) Lyrical (Tinsica, Switch leaps) and much more


Dancers of All Abilities:

“Dancers of All Abilities”–Classes for teens & adults with special needs:  Musick Studios scheduled classes for teens and adults with disabilities. Cost is $64.00 monthly plus registration fee.  There will be costume fees due in the fall, as dancers will be performing in the May showcase. 

Dance Fees:

Monthly dance fees:  $64 a month for each dancer’s weekly 1 hour class; $35 for each additional hour class.

  • 10% discount for 2nd child.
  • 15% discount for 3 or more siblings.
  • Additional savings when you sign up for auto draft.

All Classes learn a performance dance for the May Showcase. More advanced classes may have  two (2) main dances. As the class develops, the more difficult the choreography becomes and more technique demonstrated.  (Note: All dancers assigned to proper level by ability, not age.)

Let’s dance together!